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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - October 29, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 29 Oct 2008

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* Statement by UN Special Representative John Ruggie to UN General Assembly on his renewed mandate

* Business & Human Rights Resource Centre launches Corporate Legal Accountability Portal
- profiles lawsuits against companies alleging human rights abuses
- portal:
- press release:

* Coalition of human rights NGOs, Internet firms including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! & others launches principles on govt. censorship & threats to privacy
- also provided: text of principles, implementation guidelines, accountability framework
- Reporters Without Borders says principles do not go far enough to protect freedom of expression

* Wal-Mart tells its Chinese suppliers to meet strict environmental & social standards

* Botswana: Survival Intl. says De Beers returns to mine Central Kalahari Game Reserve while Bushmen are still displaced
- De Beers' response (23 Oct)
- De Beers announces withdrawal from reserve (29 Oct)
- We are inviting Gem Diamonds to respond & will indicate in a future Update whether it does

* US Govt. begins enforcement of new import ban on Burmese gems - Human Rights Watch urges support for ban

* Oxfam Australia says Philippines mine bankrolled by ANZ destroys local people's livelihoods
- ANZ response

* China: Rejoinder to Ole Wolff from trade union on alleged labour rights abuses (further to our 24 Sep Update)
- New Ole Wolff response

* Global Witness & Partnership Africa Canada identify "loupe holes in the Kimberley Process - gateway for conflict diamonds"

* UK: NGO says Scottish Register Office (GROS) contract with CACI ignores company's involvement in Abu Ghraib
- GROS defends decision to award census contract to CACI

* Signatories of UN Principles for Responsible Investment representing $4.4 trillion in assets urge 9000 CEOs to commit their companies to UN Global Compact

* Liberia: ArcelorMittal may struggle to manage local expectations over community development despite huge investment (commentary by Critical Resource)

* Uzbekistan: Despite boycott by US & European retailers over child labour concerns, cotton sales increase
- Retailers boycott Bangladeshi garments made of Uzbek cotton

* Job announcements: 2 Project Managers, Ethical Trading Initiative (London, deadline 17 Nov)

* Español: México: Campesinos del Istmo de Tehuantepec preparan demanda contra Endesa por "engaños y despojos"; otros protestan contra Iberdrola

* Español: Colombia: Horno de gas construido por empresas y gobierno ayudará a erradicar trabajo infantil en Boyacá

* Español: Perú: Rio Tinto dice suspende construcción planta por protestas sociales en Chiclayo

* Español: Colombia: Protestas sociales por malas condiciones laborales en ingenios de azúcar

* Français : Côte d'Ivoire : 7 acquittements, 2 condamnations dans le procès du Probo Koala
- ONGs regrettent « l'absence des principaux responsables - les dirigeants de Trafigura et de sa filiale ivoirienne »

* Français : Le Processus de Kimberley laisse une porte ouverte pour les diamants de guerre, selon Global Witness & Partenariat Afrique Canada

* Français : Iraq : Nokia et l'UNICEF s'unissent pour reconstruire des écoles

* Français : Réponse de Disney en français au rapport de Peuples Solidaires sur les conditions de travail chez les fabricants des produits Disney (suite à notre Actualité Hebdomadaire du 22 octobre)

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Business & human rights: Weekly Update - October 22, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 22 Oct 2008

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* Items relating to the work of UN Special Representative John Ruggie:
- Ruggie presentation to Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
- Policy Innovations (Carnegie Council) to host discussion with Ruggie on his work to date and proposed work plan going forward - New York, 28 Oct
- Jus Semper critique of Ruggie's 2008 report on business & human rights, and Ruggie's response

* USA: Lawsuit alleging Chevron's complicity in killing & wounding of protesters in Nigeria starts this week

* Greenpeace praises Apple for efforts to reduce toxic materials in its products

* US court awards $80 million to Cubans working in slave-like conditions for Curaçao Drydock Company in Netherlands Antilles

* Apparel firm Cotton Traders pulls out of Burma following public boycott organised by Burma Campaign UK

* Report accuses Assa Abloy of failing to respect intl. law by maintaining a factory in occupied Palestinian territory
- Assa Abloy says it will move its factory out of the settlement

* Nike gives $3 million to World Bank programme to empower girls in poor countries

* Brazilian Govt. rescue mission to release men, women & children from forced labour in agriculture - firsthand account by journalist accompanying mission

* Ukraine: Commentary by Andrew Wilson of East Europe Foundation - economic crisis should not deter companies from social, environmental initiatives

* Español: Corte de EE.UU. dictamina que astillero Curaçao Drydock Company deberá indemnizar a cubanos por trato inhumano

* Español: Nike aporta $3 millones a programa del Banco Mundial para el empoderamiento económico de niñas y mujeres en países pobres

* Español: Crítica de Jus Semper al informe de John Ruggie sobre empresas y derechos humanos de 2008
- respuesta de John Ruggie (en inglés)

* Español: Colombia: Orgs. sociales denuncian industria de aceite de palma - líder campesino opuesto a la misma es asesinado

* Français : Rapport d'enquête sur les conditions de travail chez des fabricants de produits de Disney en Chine, révélant des nombreux abus
- réponse de Disney (seulement disponible en anglais)

* Français : Nike contribue 3 millions de dollars à une initiative de la Banque mondiale qui promeut les adolescentes dans les pays pauvres

* Français : Emirats arabes unis : Reporters sans frontières s'inquiète pour la liberté d'expression sur Internet - SmartFilter & Etisalat impliqués

* Français : Cote d'Ivoire : Lourdes réquisitions pour les employés d'entreprises locales au procès sur les déchets du cargo Probo Koala

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Peter Julian, MP, on Corporate Accountability

This was passed on to me through Amnesty Canada's BHR listserv:
On December 10, 2007, I introduced a private member's bill to make
international standards of accountability applicable to grave humanrights
offenses committed by Canadians abroad. Bill C-492 would allow foreign
citizens to bring lawsuits against Canadian corporations or citizens in
Federal Court for violations of basic human rights committed outside of our
country. If my bill becomes law, corporations who abuse the human, labour,
or environmental rights of persons in other countries could face hefty
claims in Canadian courts for their illegal behaviour.

This is a continuing problem, which received extensive national attention in
2007 with the release of the Advisory Report from the National Roundtables
on Corporate Social Responsibility. The Report's recommendations to enhance
Canada's corporate social responsibility standards were inevitable, given
the disturbing accounts by roundtable participants of human-rights abuses
allegedly perpetrated by Canadian companies while operating overseas. Over
one year later, the federal government has yet to adopt the Advisory
Report's recommendations designed to prevent such injustice. The failure of
the Conservative government in Ottawa to take action on corporate
accountability is disturbing for a number of reasons.

Our legal system has failed to keep pace with the realities of globalized
commerce in the twenty-first century. As Canadian corporations moved beyond
our market to operate internationally, some of our corporations have engaged
in what I, together with Canadians, would consider detestable practices. For
example, Goldcorp Inc., one of the world's largest gold-mining companies,
headquartered in my own province of British Columbia, faces international
criticism for environmentally destructive mining practices that have
allegedly poisoned local water sources in Latin America. Canadian companies
would never dream of poisoning local Canadian water sources, because they
know that, if they ever did, they would face heavy legal penalties. Why
should we as Canadians take strong stand against corporations that pollute
Canadian water, and then turn around and give carte blanche to those same
corporations to take advantage of weak local governments and to pollute and
poison abroad? Our government washes its hands of these matters because it
claims it is helpless legally to prohibit the activities of corporations in
other sovereign countries. This absurd predicament allows international
human-rights violations to go on unabated.

How bad are the allegations against some Canadian corporations? You be the
judge. In 2001 the Presbyterian Church of Sudan, filed suit in U.S. Federal
Court against Talisman Energy Inc., a $12-billion company headquartered in
Calgary. Among other things, this suit alleged that Talisman aided the
Sudanese military in attacking local populations in an effort to depopulate
areas and allow for its oil exploration. The suit claimed that Talisman
conspired to commit genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The
question for Canadian lawmakers is: Why did this suit have to be brought in
the U.S.?

The lawsuit against Talisman was made possible because of a unique American
statute known as the Alien Tort Claims Act. Similar to my proposed Bill
C-492, the Alien Tort Claims Act provides that noncitizens can bring a civil
action in U.S. district courts for an alleged violation of the law of
nations or a treaty of the United States. The fact that Sudanese villagers
had to use an American forum in order to hold a Canadian corporation
accountable for its alleged behaviour is a clear signal that there are
crucial mechanisms lacking in the Canadian legal system. In fact, as the
Talisman lawsuit itself points out, "there has never to date been a
successful lawsuit alleging a civil wrong grounded in an extraterritorial
violation of human rights" in Canada.

The proposal that governments can and should provide a forum for
enforcing basic standards of human decency when violations occur beyond the
confines of territorial borders is not a new concept. The international
community has long agreed that some wrongs are simply so offensive that
every state can prohibit these acts without regard to where and by whom they
are committed. In fact, according to Amnesty International, there are at
least 125 countries that permit extraterritorial criminal application of
their statutes, and many states also allow civil claims to be made in these

The Canadian government traditionally promotes itself as a defender of human
rights on the international stage. Canada has been at the forefront of the
creation of many human-rights institutions at the U.N. and elsewhere. In
2000, Canada became the first country in the world to incorporate the treaty
obligations establishing the International Criminal Court into its national

Yet, the previous Liberal government intervened in support of Talisman
before the U.S. courts, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper has not changed
the government's direction. This demonstrates a key problem with the present
system of enforcing international human-rights law in Canada. Criminal cases
on both the domestic and international levels require the cooperation and
action of government officials. All too frequently, political considerations
prevent criminal prosecutions of alleged violators from going forward.
Talisman may rest assured that the Harper government will not refer this
matter to the R.C.M.P., or any other competent legal authority, for a
criminal investigation into its activities in Sudan.

The creation of a legal regime that could hold corporations civilly liable
for acts committed outside Canadian boundaries would obviate the need of our
government to involve itself in "sensitive" international human-rights
cases. Bill C-492 will not require official government approval before cases
are launched, as the proposed statute allows individuals direct control over
initiating their own lawsuits. As a result, this bill will allow victims of
human-rights abuses to eliminate their dependence on states to raise these
matters on their behalf in court. Canada protects its own citizens from
abusive conduct by corporations because it has been deeply committed to the
inherent dignity of persons. It is hypocritical and antithetical to Canada's
international treaty obligations to allow Canadian corporations to go abroad
and violate the basic human rights of foreign nationals. Bill C-492 is an
important step to ending corporate impunity in this area of the law.

By Peter Julian, M.P.

Business & human rights: Weekly Update -- October 15, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 15 Oct 2008

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* "Preliminary work plan" for the new, operational phase of UN Special Representative John Ruggie's mandate

* So. Africa: Local leader claims Anglo Platinum plan to construct dam on community land will destroy cultural heritage
- Anglo Platinum's response

* Rwanda: Dean's Beans owner reports on gender violence workshops supported by the company

* Video "The real costs of gold mining: Goldcorp in Honduras" raises serious health & other concerns
- We invited Goldcorp to respond; it has not done so

* Javier Vázquez alleges he was told not to apply for job at Emirates due to his age
- We invited Emirates to respond; it has not done so

* China: 450 fall ill after drinking contaminated water - local officials blame industrial waste from Jinhai Metallurgy Chemical

* Guinea: Protesters halt Rusal trains, complaining company violates agreement on local development, environment - govt. security forces open fire; 2 killed, scores injured

* Major drug firms including Abbott, Boehringer Ingelheim, Glaxo, Pfizer, agree with Ban Ki-Moon to invest more in AIDS treatments & diagnostics for poor regions

* So. Africa: Union says members shot while protesting lock-out by Ali Baba Foods
- Ali Baba's response

* Shell trial in USA to begin in Feb 2009 - accused of complicity in human rights abuses against Ogoni in Nigeria
- Resource Centre summary profile of lawsuit

* Niger Delta: Contradictions between abundance of oil and poverty - multimedia report produced by Open Society Institute, Revenue Watch

* USA: Bloomberg facing class action lawsuit for alleged pregnancy discrimination

* Somalia: Pirates' seizure of Ukrainian ship highlights foreign firms' dumping of hazardous waste from ships off the coast

* Bulgaria: NGOs raise health & safety concerns over companies' proposal to build nuclear power plant in earthquake zone

* Brazil: Business & govt. representatives discuss strategies for fighting child exploitation

* Propper International settles allegations of labour violations at Puerto Rico factories

* Tanzania: KPMG joins the Millennium Villages Project to help address extreme poverty

* Commentary on John Ruggie's global leadership group - Robert Senser

* Reminder: Intl. Seminar on Business & Human Rights, chaired by Mary Robinson, Paris, 4-5 Dec 2008

* Job announcements at UN Principles for Responsible Investment: Assistant to Executive Director (London, deadline 3 Nov), Paid internship (New York, deadline 5 Nov)

* Reminder: Job announcement: Development Director, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, based in New York - deadline 3 Nov

* Reminder: Job announcement: Francophone Africa Researcher, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, based in Dakar - deadline 28 Oct

* Español: Perú: Pobladores de Reque protestan contra posible contaminación de planta de Rio Tinto - heridos en confrontación con la policía
- Incluye comentarios de gerente de Rio Tinto y video

* Español: Mexicano Javier Vázquez alega que aerolínea Emirates rechazó su solicitud de trabajo debido a su edad
- Invitamos a Emirates a responder pero no lo ha hecho

* Español: Argentina: Revocan sobreseimiento en caso de "esclavitud" de Bolivianos en talleres textiles clandestinos de Buenos Aires

* Español: Corte de EE.UU. rechaza recurso de Chevron en litigio que mantiene con Ecuador por daños al medio ambiente y la salud

* Español: ONU premió a 10 empresas por su contribución a los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio

* Español: Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos sesiona sobre impactos negativos de empresas en América Central
- Incluye audio de entrevista a miembro de asociación de trabajadores afectados por pesticidas Nemagón y Fumazone

* Español: Perú: Comuneros en Piura denuncian que Río Blanco financia espionaje de grupos opositores a su mina

* Español: España: Ministro de Exteriores dice que hay que "exigir" a las empresas un "mayor" esfuerzo en la lucha contra la pobreza

* Español: Empresas textiles europeas como Otto Group, Puma, Tchibo y Celio apoyan proyecto en África que promueve algodón "socialmente responsable"

* Français : Des manifestants bloquent un train appartenant à Rusal pour protester contre la non redistribution des revenus; 12 blessés et 2 morts après l'intervention des forces de l'ordre

* Français : Rapport d'une ONG sur la violation des droits des travailleurs palestiniens dans les colonies de Cisjordanie
- réponse de l'entreprise Royalife

* Français : Côte d'Ivoire : Procès sur les déchets toxiques est suspendu, et puis reprend - certains avocats l'avaient bloqué pour protester l'absence de Trafigura

* Français : Wal-Mart pousse le gouvernement ouzbek à mettre fin au travail des enfants dans les champs de coton

* Français : Guide éco-citoyen des Amis de la Terre : « Environnement : comment choisir ma banque? »

* Français : Entretien avec Ethix, société de conseil pour l'investissement responsable, concernant les entreprises dans les territoires occupés palestiniens & les violations de normes internationales

* Français : Greenpeace proteste contre les constructeurs d'auto allemands, les accuse de « saboter » la législation européenne sur le CO2

* Français : Rappel : Séminaire International 'Entreprises et Droits de l'Homme', présidé par Mary Robinson, Paris, 4 et 5 décembre 2008

* Français : Rappel : Annonce d'emploi - Chercheur pour l'Afrique francophone, basé à Dakar, Centre de Ressources sur les Entreprises & les Droits de l'Homme - date limite 28 octobre

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Business & human rights: Weekly Update - October 8, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 8 Oct 2008

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Español: ver abajo - Français : voir ci-dessous

* UN Special Representative John Ruggie speech at Intl. Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution

* Report finds Skype's Chinese venture TOM-Skype monitors messages for politically sensitive keywords
- includes comments by Skype, TOM Group

* IFC, ILO, intl. buyers launch Better Work Vietnam programme to improve working conditions & competitiveness in apparel industry
- refers to Gap as one of the programme's supporters

* Colombia: Excerpt of new book alleging bottling plants supplying Coca-Cola are linked with killings of trade unionists
- Coca-Cola response

* UK Foreign Office writes to Lloyd's of London to express disapproval of company's involvement in Burma; NGO calls on Lloyd's to reveal how much profit is made from Burma
- Lloyd's statement re Burma (Aug 2008)

* Ericsson promotes awareness of Millennium Development Goals in initiative supported by Mary Robinson, Jeffrey Sachs

* West Africa: Ghanaian NGO says harmonised regional mining code will help govts. maximise benefits from mining revenues

* Côte d'Ivoire: State prosecutors say Trafigura may face prosecution for toxic waste dump

* Saudi Arabia: Human Rights Commission intervenes, as contracting company allegedly evicts Indian workers for complaining about working conditions

* UNEP, Rainforest Alliance, UN World Tourism Organization, UN Foundation launch sustainable tourism criteria

* Bloomberg special report: "China in Africa: Young Workers, Deadly Mines" - focuses on abuses in Dem. Rep of Congo
- CSR Asia commentary

* India: Dow suspends construction of facility after locals complain it would pollute a sacred area

* Summary of conference on private sector steps to combat sexual exploitation of children - organised by UNICEF, Canadian Govt. & NGOs

* Goldcorp's Guatemala operations: On Common Ground consultants & Intl. Alert selected for human rights impact assessment - public website available

* Seminar on Corporate Complicity in Human Rights Violations (Cambridge Univ., 1 Nov)

* 2 job announcements for Publish What You Pay, London: Programme Officer, Information & Advocacy Officer (deadline 29 Oct for both)

* Español: México: Denuncian que malas condiciones de seguridad para trabajadores de plataformas petroleras continúan a 1 año de accidente que dejó 23 muertos

* Español: España: La Caixa y empresas extremeñas fomentan la integración laboral de personas en riesgo de exclusión social

* Español: Guatemala: Recopilación de notas sobre problemas sociales y ambientales de los agrocombustibles
- respuesta de Ingenio Guadalupe (en inglés)

* Español: Bolivia: Gerente de empresa Cidenbol encarcelado por trata de seres humanos - jueza que lo liberó previamente será demandada

* Español: Argentina: FOCO realiza foro sobre trabajo decente - destaca que empresas no han alcanzado la igualdad de género

* Español: México: Comisión Independiente de Derechos Humanos de Morelos pide respetar derechos laborales

* Español: Guatemala: Se seleccionó a "On Common Ground" & "Intl. Alert" para realizar el estudio de impactos sobre derechos humanos de las operaciones de Goldcorp - se establece sitio web público

* Français : Dix entreprises reçoivent les Prix mondiaux des affaires et du développement du PNUD : 3K&A, Diageo, Endesa, Haygrove, Olam Nigeria, Safaricom, Sistema Ser, Smart Communications, Syngenta, ZMQ Software

* Français : Contrôle d'Internet en Chine : Skype accusé de collaboration - l'entreprise répond

* Français : Indonésie : Craintes de représailles envers les tribus de Papouasie occidentale après une attaque sur la mine Grasberg

* Français : L'Organisation mondiale du tourisme & le Pacte mondial de l'ONU lancent un nouveau cadre pour la responsabilité sociale des entreprises touristiques

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guatemala: photo essay on water tribunal's condemnation of Goldcorp

Please check out this photo essay, from our old friend James Rodgriguez, on a Guatemalan water tribunal's condemnation of Goldcorp. Here are some of his accompanying words:
The Latin American Water Tribunal (TLA, by its acronym in Spanish) carried out its 5th public hearing under the motto: ‘Hydraulic justice for indigenous lands and territories’. The trial took place in the city of Antigua Guatemala from September 8th to the 12th. Ten cases where water issues affected indigenous populations in the region were analyzed: one in Brazil, three in Mexico, one in El Salvador, three in Guatemala, and two in Panama.” (1)

“The Jury from the TLA pronounced verdicts on all ten hearings and served as mediator in four of them. This independent organ is made up by people who are leaders in their fields and have upheld a high ethical standard in their careers.” (2)
An ethic tribunal is a non-state entity with a legal character designed to resolve conflicts between different civil actors or institutions. Ethic tribunals are an emerging space for conflict analysis and resolution. Given their ethical nature, they restructure the idea of Law and serve as ideal platforms for seeking alternative solutions to environmental issues, among others. (3)
Here are their recommendations:
“1. To hold the Government of Guatemala responsible for not improving the situation in high-risk mining operations.” (6)

“2. To censure the Government of Guatemala for not making sure the following laws and international agreements are upheld: ILO Convention 169, the tenth principle from the Rio Convention, Articles 44 and 46 from the Republic of Guatemala’s Political Constitution of March 31, 1985, as well as the 1996 Peace Accords – specifically the Accord referring to Indigenous Peoples’ Identity and Rights.” (7)

“3. To censure the Government of Guatemala for not respecting Indigenous Peoples’ traditional justice systems.” (8)

“4. To hold Montana Exploradora de Guatemala Mining Company responsible for damages caused on the local environment and population of San Miguel Ixtahuacan and Sipacapa.” (9)

Business & human rights: Weekly Update - October 1, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 1 Oct 2008

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Español: ver abajo - Français : voir ci-dessous

* Wal-Mart instructs suppliers to stop sourcing cotton from Uzbekistan, to push govt. to end forced child labour
- faith-based & social investors welcome move
- Financial Times article

* Interview with John Ruggie - human rights impacts of the international investment regime

* China: "No Way Out: A report on the human cost of China's economic miracle" - describes abuses during privatisation of state-owned enterprises

* Ukraine: Police arrest director of pig farm, others on suspicion of forcing 100 homeless people to work; labourers fed same food as pigs

* Clinton Global Initiative commitments: Procter & Gamble (safe water, maternal & neonatal tetanus, girls' education); Swiss Re (climate change & rural poverty); Compartamos, Deutsche Bank (microfinance); PepsiCo (access to water)

* EarthRights identifies at least 69 Chinese firms involved in power & extractive projects in Burma

* Danske Bank divests from 13 companies for activities including production of mines & cluster munitions; arms transfers to Sudan, Burma & Zimbabwe

* Companies pledge US$100 million to help end malaria deaths by 2015

* Thailand: Hoya Glass Disk Company allegedly clamps down on unions; workers claim to have been arbitrarily dismissed
- Hoya Corporation response

* Intl. Commission of Jurists (ICJ) report on corporate complicity in major human rights abuses (further to our 17 Sep Update):
- ICJ responds to John Ruggie
- Economist commentary on the report

* China & Philippines: Report alleges serious labour rights abuses in factories supplying cellphone companies
- includes company responses

* Angola: Report says mining companies' arbitrary seizure & destruction of farmlands causing widespread hunger & deepening poverty
- we invited Endiama, ITM Mining, Lazare Kaplan to respond, but they have not done so

* US court rules Côte d'Ivoire plantation workers allegedly harmed by pesticides can't sue manufacturing/distribution firms in US

* Dow, UNEP & Chinese Govt. in partnership to promote chemical safety

* ActionAid letter to UN Special Representative John Ruggie regarding renewal of his mandate

* John Ruggie welcomes submission by 5 NGOs criticizing the human rights framework of the IFC's performance standards & the Equator Principles

* Job announcement, South African Human Rights Commission: Coordinator, Human Rights & Business Programme (deadline 3 Oct)

* Job announcement, Interfaith Center on Corp. Responsibility: Food Safety & Sustainability Campaign Coordinator (New York, deadline 24 Oct)

* Español: Argentina: Demanda contra editorial Atlántida y revista "Para Ti" por complicidad con oficiales de la dictadura militar

* Español: Ecuador: Asociación de derechos humanos demanda a compañías bananeras en EE.UU. por uso de fungicida que ha causado "graves problemas de salud"

* Español: Programa "ayudar comerciando" de Body Shop trabaja con comunidades desfavorecidas

* Español: España: Fiscal pide 21 años a 6 acusados, 3 de la firma Grefacsa, por "homicidio imprudente" de 3 trabajadores

* Español: Movimientos sociales se reunieron en el "Foro Andino Frente a la Gran Minería" en Colombia, 26-27 septiembre - emiten declaración final

* Español: Iberdrola es la mejor eléctrica del mundo en combatir el cambio climático, según el Climate Leadership Index

* Español: Wal-Mart ordena a sus proveedores no comprar algodón uzbeko hasta que el gobierno erradique el trabajo infantil forzado

* Español: Conferencia en Guatemala: "Defendiendo Nuestro Territorio y Protegiéndonos ante la Criminalización" tratará de minería, biocombustibles y represas - 10 de octubre

* Español: México: Philip Morris México entrega 100 mil dólares a damnificados de inundaciones en Tabasco

* Français : Des millions d'"emplois verts" anticipés, mais beaucoup risquent d'être "rebutants & dangereux", selon un report du PNUE

* Français : Soutenus par des ONG, Boeing, Honeywell, Air France KLM, Air New Zealand, All Nippon, SAS, Cargolux, Gulf Air, JAL, Virgin Atlantic se regroupent pour développer des biocarburants qui profitent aux communautés locales et ne concurrencent pas les ressources alimentaires ou en eau douce

* Français : USA : Nestlé revoit son projet d'usine en Californie suite à l'opposition de citoyens soucieux de l'environnement

* Français : Côte d'ivoire : Le procès des déchets toxiques du Probo Koala est ouvert - Trafigura absent

* Français : Inde : Abbott, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Gilead resistent à la diffusion de brevets pour de nouveaux traitements anti-sida

* Français : Rép. Dém. du Congo: Des managers d'entreprises s'engagent dans la lutte contre le VIH/Sida au milieu de travail

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