Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Business & human rights: Weekly Update - July 18, 2007

Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 18 July 2007

Principales noticias / Articles de premier plan:

The top stories include / Las noticias incluyen / Les articles

* So. Africa: Bench Marks Foundation report says platinum mines in
North West Province putting workers' & communities' health at risk
- Responses by Anglo Platinum, Implats, Xstrata
- We also invited Lonmin to respond but they have not yet done so. We
will indicate in next week's Update whether or not they have responded.

* Israel/Occupied Territories: Israeli military use of Volvo Group
machinery for destruction of Palestinians' homes - rejoinder by Adri
Nieuwhof (further to our 11 July Update)
- We have invited Volvo Group to comment further

* OECD Guidelines complaint brought against BHP Billiton over alleged
involvement in forced evictions in Colombia
- Article includes BHP Billiton response

* Bangladesh: Allegations of poverty wages, excessive hours, other
abuses at factories supplying Primark, Asda, Tesco - article includes
company responses

* Association of Ghana Industries launches Business Code that includes
human rights principles

* Bulgaria: Roma discrimination lawsuits against companies on the

* Dem Rep of Congo: NGO report alleges flaws in military court trial
over Kilwa massacre that acquitted soldiers & Anvil Mining employees

* "Is HIV a time bomb under the mining industry?" (Reuters)
- Anglo American response

* "Business guide to partnering with NGOs and the United Nations" (by
UN Global Compact, Dalberg, Financial Times)

* China: Shanxi province prosecutes officials involved in brick kiln
forced labour scandal - but widely criticised for soft approach

* EU court bans Syngenta's paraquat herbicide for not meeting health
- Articles include comments by Syngenta

* Peru: Restaurant closed & fined for alleged discrimination against
customers with darker skin

* Español: Grupo de trabajo de la ONU sobre el uso de mercenarios
resalta abusos por parte de empresas de seguridad que reclutan a Chilenos
para enviarlos a Irak

* Español: Perú: Cierran establecimiento "Café del Mar" en Miraflores
por discriminar a clientes

* Español: España: Viajes Mogador firma el código de conducta contra el
turismo sexual infantil

* Español: Perú: Gobierno ratifica el convenio 176 de la OIT, sobre la
seguridad y salud en las minas, que impone varios deberes sobre los

* Español: El Salvador: Policía Nacional reprime protestas contra la
privatización del agua

* Français : Rép. Dém. du Congo : Victimes du massacre de Kilwa qui a
impliqué des employés d'Anvil Mining « privées de justice » par les
failles dans le procès, selon plusieurs ONGs congolaises & internationales

* Français : Tribunal européen interdit l'herbicide paraquat de
Syngenta à cause des effets sur la santé

* Français : Brésil : Chef du peuple Surui fait un accord avec Google
Earth pour combattre la déforestation illégale en Amazonie

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