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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - June 11, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 11 Jun 2008

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* Latest items on John Ruggie's report to UN Human Rights Council:
- Statement by John Ruggie on renewal of his mandate
- Mandate review discussion at Human Rights Council
- Financial Times on the Council's reaction to the report
- John Ruggie's response to article in Ethical Corporation

* Shareholders & activists urge Chevron to take responsibility for human rights impacts in Burma, Ecuador, Nigeria
- Comments by Chevron CEO

* Ghana: Responses by Newmont, Gold Fields to concerns that mining is impeding food production, other human rights & environmental issues (further to last week's Update)

* So. Africa: Anglo American approves country-wide roll-out of its AIDS drugs programme to treat families of its 75,000 workers

* Report raises concerns about human rights, environmental impacts of Goldcorp in the Americas
- We have invited Goldcorp to respond but they have not yet done so

* US "Toxic 100": Rejoinders by PERI to responses by the top 10 companies

* ArcelorMittal signs global agreement with unions on health & safety

* Interview with Iraqi lawyer injured in shootings by Blackwater, in which 17 civilians were killed
- Oct 2007 comments by Blackwater chairman on the incident

* Brazil: Amnesty Intl. highlights forced labour in sugar-cane industry

* Job announcement: Yahoo! seeks Director for new Business & Human Rights programme, Washington DC

* USA: New heat-related death highlights harsh labour conditions for migrant farmworkers in California

* How Latin American companies are addressing poverty: "Opportunities for the Majority Index"
- Top 5 are Bradesco, Grupo ACP, Paralife, Unibanco, Cemex

* Cambodia: "Child labor in brick factories - causes and consequences"

* Interview with Michael Conroy about his book "Branded! - How the 'Certification Revolution' is Transforming Global Companies"

* Egypt: Child labour in cotton fields supplying UK retailers
- Company responses included

* Lawyers bring case against Trafigura in UK courts on behalf of thousands of Ivorians allegedly poisoned by toxic waste

* Reminder: 23 June deadline - researcher positions at Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
- South Asia Researcher, based in India
- Eastern Europe / Central Asia Researcher, based in Ukraine

* Español: Perú: Autoridades de Cerro de Pasco denuncian grave contaminación por parte de dos empresas mineras

* Español: Colombia, conflicto armado y empresas:

- Experta Alexandra Guáqueta dice que empresas que pagan extorsiones aumentan el conflicto armado - menciona las "Guías Colombia" para saber como actuar

- "Aportes de las empresas para resolver el conflicto armado", Fundación Ideas para la Paz

- Comfamiliar Risaralda impulsa la reinserción social de la población desplazada

* Español: México: Nestlé inaugura centro comunitario en Veracruz para expandir programa de mejora alimenticia para niños

* Español: Ecuador: Movimientos sociales promueven marcha nacional contra minería

* Español: Chile: Mapuches dicen que emplazamiento de ducto de CELCO en Mehuin vulnera los derechos humanos

* Español: España: Endesa reduce accidentes laborales en un 80% en 3 años

* Español: EE.UU.: Muerte por deshidratación pone de relieve duras condiciones de trabajo de campesinos inmigrantes

* Français : Sénégal : Déclaration d'engagement du secteur privé contre le SIDA

* Français : Commentaire par le directeur général de l'Agence française de développement sur la responsabilité sociale et environnementale des entreprises

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