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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - August 6, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 6 Aug 2008

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* Amnesty Intl. submission to John Ruggie on his 2008 report

* Dem. Rep. of Congo: DanWatch report alleges mobile phones linked to metal mining abuses
- Responses by Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Umicore
- Motorola has said that it will respond; we will include its response in a future Update
- We invited LG, LG Chem to respond; they have not yet done so

* National Labor Committee alleges abuses at Hoida factory in Shenzhen, China, producing "Ernie" toys
- Responses by Hoida factory, K'NEX, Hasbro

* AIDS Healthcare Foundation commends Merck over price cuts on 2 key AIDS drugs in Mexico

* Congo: Greenpeace report "Conning the Congo" says logging firm Danzer evades taxes, exacerbating poverty
- Danzer response

* Internet firms closer to agreeing code of conduct on freedom of expression & privacy
- Letters from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! to 2 US Senators who sought update on progress prior to Beijing Olympics

* Chevron responds to Newsweek article on lobbying US Govt. to cut Ecuador trade preferences over toxic waste lawsuit (further to last week's Update)
- Statement by EarthRights Intl.

* Intl. Alert issues performance indicators to help companies implement Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights

* Honduras: Concerns that "sustainable" tourism project in Tela may harm local ethnic group, environment

* China: Farmer & son die in clash with Mengma Rubber in Yunnan Province (background on the dispute provided)
- We invited Mengma Rubber to respond. If we receive a response we will include it in a future Update.

* Guatemala: Indigenous farmers protest against displacement, environmental damage by sugar ethanol companies
- Alleged violent repression of protestors by security agents working for Ingenio Guadalupe
- We invited Ingenio Guadalupe to respond. If we receive a response we will include it in a future Update.

* USA: Wal-Mart allegedly issued warnings to store managers that Democrat election victory would lead to more unionisation
- Wal-Mart denies telling employees how to vote

* Summary of meeting on UN Special Representative John Ruggie's framework, hosted by Global Witness, British Institute of Intl. and Comparative Law, May 2008

* USA: Wachovia prize on innovative finance for the poor; 10 finalists chosen

* Nigeria: World Bank admits W. African gas pipeline (joint venture of Chevron, Shell & other firms) displaced poor residents without adequate compensation
- Critics welcome report but say it should go further

* China Industrial Bank given green award by NGOs - bank withdraws loans if companies flout environmental criteria

* Coca-Cola says two-thirds of China suppliers not compliant with its policies on workers' rights & environment

* USA: Abbott settles lawsuit over price of AIDS drug

* Malaysia: Nike investigation confirms worker abuse at supplier factory - Nike says will increase monitoring

* Ghana: Survey shows companies lagging on workplace HIV/AIDS policies - managers likely to dismiss employees with HIV

* Español: Ecuador: Cabildeo de Chevron pide a EE.UU. no renovar preferencias arancelarias con Ecuador si procede la demanda en su contra (Newsweek)

* Español: México: Merck reduce el precio de medicamentos contra el SIDA - ONG elogia a la empresa

* Español: Honduras: Fotoreportaje sobre resistencia del pueblo Garífuna a mega-proyecto turístico en sus tierras

* Español: México: Joven denuncia que al menos 4 empresas le han negado empleo por ser portador de VIH

* Español: México: Compañías miembro del Consejo Nacional Empresarial sobre Sida toman medidas contra la discriminación por VIH-Sida

* Français : Rép. Dém. du Congo: Des ONGs s'inquiètent du manque de transparence dans la renégociation des contrats miniers

* Français : Niger: Des ONG exigent la transparence sur contrat pétrolier avec la société chinoise CNPC

* Français : Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! et d'autres en train de finaliser une code sur la libre expression et la protection de la confidentialité

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