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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - October 8, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 8 Oct 2008

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* UN Special Representative John Ruggie speech at Intl. Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution

* Report finds Skype's Chinese venture TOM-Skype monitors messages for politically sensitive keywords
- includes comments by Skype, TOM Group

* IFC, ILO, intl. buyers launch Better Work Vietnam programme to improve working conditions & competitiveness in apparel industry
- refers to Gap as one of the programme's supporters

* Colombia: Excerpt of new book alleging bottling plants supplying Coca-Cola are linked with killings of trade unionists
- Coca-Cola response

* UK Foreign Office writes to Lloyd's of London to express disapproval of company's involvement in Burma; NGO calls on Lloyd's to reveal how much profit is made from Burma
- Lloyd's statement re Burma (Aug 2008)

* Ericsson promotes awareness of Millennium Development Goals in initiative supported by Mary Robinson, Jeffrey Sachs

* West Africa: Ghanaian NGO says harmonised regional mining code will help govts. maximise benefits from mining revenues

* Côte d'Ivoire: State prosecutors say Trafigura may face prosecution for toxic waste dump

* Saudi Arabia: Human Rights Commission intervenes, as contracting company allegedly evicts Indian workers for complaining about working conditions

* UNEP, Rainforest Alliance, UN World Tourism Organization, UN Foundation launch sustainable tourism criteria

* Bloomberg special report: "China in Africa: Young Workers, Deadly Mines" - focuses on abuses in Dem. Rep of Congo
- CSR Asia commentary

* India: Dow suspends construction of facility after locals complain it would pollute a sacred area

* Summary of conference on private sector steps to combat sexual exploitation of children - organised by UNICEF, Canadian Govt. & NGOs

* Goldcorp's Guatemala operations: On Common Ground consultants & Intl. Alert selected for human rights impact assessment - public website available

* Seminar on Corporate Complicity in Human Rights Violations (Cambridge Univ., 1 Nov)

* 2 job announcements for Publish What You Pay, London: Programme Officer, Information & Advocacy Officer (deadline 29 Oct for both)

* Español: México: Denuncian que malas condiciones de seguridad para trabajadores de plataformas petroleras continúan a 1 año de accidente que dejó 23 muertos

* Español: España: La Caixa y empresas extremeñas fomentan la integración laboral de personas en riesgo de exclusión social

* Español: Guatemala: Recopilación de notas sobre problemas sociales y ambientales de los agrocombustibles
- respuesta de Ingenio Guadalupe (en inglés)

* Español: Bolivia: Gerente de empresa Cidenbol encarcelado por trata de seres humanos - jueza que lo liberó previamente será demandada

* Español: Argentina: FOCO realiza foro sobre trabajo decente - destaca que empresas no han alcanzado la igualdad de género

* Español: México: Comisión Independiente de Derechos Humanos de Morelos pide respetar derechos laborales

* Español: Guatemala: Se seleccionó a "On Common Ground" & "Intl. Alert" para realizar el estudio de impactos sobre derechos humanos de las operaciones de Goldcorp - se establece sitio web público

* Français : Dix entreprises reçoivent les Prix mondiaux des affaires et du développement du PNUD : 3K&A, Diageo, Endesa, Haygrove, Olam Nigeria, Safaricom, Sistema Ser, Smart Communications, Syngenta, ZMQ Software

* Français : Contrôle d'Internet en Chine : Skype accusé de collaboration - l'entreprise répond

* Français : Indonésie : Craintes de représailles envers les tribus de Papouasie occidentale après une attaque sur la mine Grasberg

* Français : L'Organisation mondiale du tourisme & le Pacte mondial de l'ONU lancent un nouveau cadre pour la responsabilité sociale des entreprises touristiques

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