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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - November 26, 2008

From the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre:

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* [PDF] Reminder, London 2 Dec: Jody Kollapen, Chair of South African Human Rights Commission, to speak on business & human rights

* PBS report: "Indian Farmers, Coca-Cola Vie for Scarce Water Supply" (video & transcript)

* Chatham House Intl. Law Discussion Group: "Business and Human Rights: Closing the Gaps"

* Dem. Rep. of Congo: Audio & slideshow - the working conditions of Fidele Musaviri, a coltan & cassiterite miner

* Chinese companies & climate change: Carbon Disclosure Project results & CSR Asia commentary

* Electronics industry convenes to address worker rights, environmental & community impacts - SOMO report provides guidance

* USA: Jury retires to consider lawsuit against Chevron alleging involvement in killing of protestors in Nigeria

* India's ship-breaking industry: Open letter from NGO network to India's environment secretary highlights continuing health problems

* Commentary by Robert Senser on the work of UN Special Representative John Ruggie

* Macedonia: Govt. requires OKTA oil refinery to monitor pollution following protests over health impacts

* Equatorial Guinea: UN Special Rapporteur calls on oil firms to avoid abetting rights abuses

* Burmese workers left adrift for months on fishing fleet without food, water - Thai court awards 4.9 million baht to survivors
- NGOs call for compensation for families of 39 workers who died

* ITUC (Intl. Trade Union Confederation) survey of trade union rights violations worldwide - 91 trade unionists killed in 2007

* India: New network helps co-ordinate corporate contributions to disaster relief

* Gulf states: Bahraini newspaper editor says unskilled foreign workers living in conditions "unacceptable to cats and dogs" - calls for action

* Human rights shareholder resolution at Cisco: Commentary

* Economist Intelligence Unit on how improved social, environmental conduct can be profitable

* Español: América Latina: 40 organizaciones sociales se reunen in Honduras para debatir mejoras para trabajadores del sector textil

* Español: Informe Anual de la CSI (Confederación Sindical Internacional) - ataques contra los sindicatos se cobraron 91 vidas en 2007

* Español: La UE creará una red de empresas comprometidas con la igualdad entre hombres y mujeres

* Français : Rapport annuel de la CSI (Confédération Syndicale International) sur des violations des droits syndicaux - 91 syndicalistes assassinés en 2007

* Français : Niger : Controverse autour des retombées de l'or exploité par la Société des mines du Liptako

* Français : Enquête de Vigeo sur la prise en compte volontaire des instruments internationaux par les entreprises européennes

* Français : Une Compagnie aérienne du Costa-Rica, NatureAir, est la première à avoir « zéro » émissions de carbone, selon le PNUE

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