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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - March 25, 2009

Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 25 March 2009

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* ESCR-Net General Assembly, Kenya, Dec 2008: Summary of Working Sessions on Corporate Accountability

* Message from John Ruggie to Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights plenary

* Peru: Prosecutors blame police over torture of mine protesters in 2005, say they found no evidence against Monterrico Metals & Forza

* Oxfam Hong Kong releases "Transparency Report II" on 26 garment companies
- Esquel, Li & Fung, Glorious Sun, Esprit, Giordano, Chickeeduck, Hembly have started reporting on supply chain; 19 firms score 0

* Tobacco firms, including Philip Morris & Reynolds American, take steps to address nicotine poisoning of tobacco pickers following social investor pressure

* US appeals court rehears Wal-Mart appeal of largest gender bias case's class action status
- in a reversal, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission supports plaintiffs' class status (with link to EEOC's court filing in support of plaintiffs)

* Colombia: Attorney General investigates palm oil firms over accusations of "homicide, land theft & forced displacement"
- article includes comments by former manager and lawyer for Urapalma

* Indonesia: Freeport-McMoRan continues to make payments to military
- article includes Freeport comments

* Xe/Blackwater and former employee sued in US court over alleged killing of Iraqi guard

* Bangladesh: High Court orders ship-breaking yards that do not meet environmental requirements to close

* Families of slain Colombian union leaders file new lawsuit against Drummond in USA - say key witness is only now available

* Philippines, 27-29 Mar: Intl. expert workshop on indigenous peoples' rights & the extractive industries
- concept paper & draft programme available
- interview with Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, chair of UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

* CEO Water Mandate: 3rd working conference focused on "public policy and human rights"

* Chile: Access to water in "driest town on earth" - impacts of free market and mining firms, including Codelco
- article includes Codelco comments

* US court allows lawsuit to proceed against CACI over alleged involvement in Abu Ghraib torture (Iraq)

* Mexico: Report on alleged labour abuses of women and children workers at Wal-Mart México
- Wal-Mart's response

* UK: Blacklisting in construction industry, including of union representatives - employment minister says firms involved will be investigated

* World TB Day: AstraZeneca and British Red Cross partnership to help combat tuberculosis in the developing world

* USA: "How Directors Can Link Long-Term Performance with Public Goals", including on human rights, environment
- report overseen by former Chair of US Securities & Exchange Commission, William Donaldson
- case examples on: internet freedom in China; BP & ExxonMobil approaches to climate change; private equity firms

* Español: México: Reporte sobre abusos de derechos humanos laborales de mujeres y menores trabajadores en Wal-Mart de México
- Respuesta de Wal-Mart (en inglés)

* Español: Perú: Fiscales acusan a policías y no encuentran evidencias contra empresas Monterrico Metals y Forza por tortura de protestantes en 2005

* Español: Honduras: Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos condena las condiciones "inaceptables" de trabajo en la industria de las maquilas

* Español: Costa Rica: Viceministro de ambiente dice que proyecto minero en Crucitas es hidrológicamente viable - Profesor responde alertando sobre posibles impactos ambientales

* Español: Ecuador: Defensor del Pueblo visita comunidades que dicen ser afectadas por exploración de compañía GCP

* Español: Argentina: Aprueban proyecto minero Agua Rica - vecinos alertan sobre su posible impacto ambiental

* Español: Asamblea General de la Red-DESC: Sumario de sesión de trabajo sobre empresas y derechos humanos

* Español: Perú: Dirección Gral. de Salud Ambiental sanciona a minera Catalina Huanca por contaminación de aguas

* Español: Chile: Gerente de proyecto HydroAysén se defiende de acusación de causar daños ambientales (video)

* Español: Colombia: Balance de gestión de ministro de ambiente saliente alaba la "buena minería socialmente responsable tipo Cerrejón" y critica a otras compañías

* Français : Rép. du Congo : Crainte de contamination de l'eau et de l'air par le pétrole à Pointe-Noire

* Français : Bangladesh : La Cour suprême décide d'interdire les opérations des chantiers de démantèlement des navires qui ne sont pas conformes aux normes environnementales

* Français : Compte-rendu de la réunion internationale du Réseau international pour les droits économiques, sociaux & culturels (Réseau-DESC), Kenya, déc. 2008 - avec un rapport sur le groupe de travail « entreprises & droits humains »

* Français : Kenya : Lancement d'une politique VIH/SIDA à la Kenya Port Authority

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