Thursday, October 1, 2009

Make your voice heard on Bill C-300

From Fiona at Amnesty. Here's more info on Bill C-300:
Support Bill C-300

Amnesty International is deeply concerned about human rights violations committed directly or indirectly by Canadian mining, oil and gas companies in developing countries.

To ensure that Canadian companies respect human rights in developing countries, we need mandatory human rights standards and stronger regulations to hold transnational companies accountable. The status quo won't do.

This fall, the Canadian Government is considering adopting a bill on corporate accountability (Bill C-300).

Amnesty International supports this bill. But to ensure that the bill passes into law, we need everyone who cares about human rights to express their support.
Take Action!

Between now and October 16th we urge you to phone, email, fax or write to the members of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development, to express your support for the bill. Please contact as many of the following committee members as you are able:

Bob Rae (Liberal MP)
514 Parliament St
Toronto, ON
M4X 1P4
(Tel) 416-954-2222
(Fax) 416-954-9649

Glen Douglas Pearson (Liberal MP)
768 Maitland St,
N5Y 2W3
(Tel) 519-663-9777
(Fax) 519-663-2238

Bernard Patry (Liberal MP)
3883 Saint-Jean Blvd, Suite 303,
Dollards-des-Ormeaux, QC
H9G 3B9
(Tel) 514-624-5725
(Fax) 514-624-5728

Paul Dewar (NDP MP)
1306 Wellington St, Suite 304
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 3B2
(Tel) 613-946-8682
(Fax) 613-946-8680

Lois Brown (Conservative MP)
206-16600 Bayview Ave,
Newmarket, ON
L3X 1Z9
(Tel) 905-953-7515
(Fax) 905-953-7527

Jim Abbott (Conservative MP)
125D Slater Rd,
Cranbrook, BC
V1C 4M4
(Tel) 250-417-2250
(Fax) 250-417-2253

James Lunney (Conservative MP)
6894 Island Hwy N, Suite 6,
Nanaimo, BC
V9V 1P6
(Tel) 250-390-7550
(Fax) 250-390-7551

Deepak Obhrai (Conservative MP)
Suite 225, 525-28th St SE,
T2A 6W9
(Tel) 403-207-3030
(Fax) 403-207-3035

Peter Goldring (Conservative MP)
9111-118 Ave NW,
Edmonton, AB
T5B 0T9
(Tel) 780-495-3261
(Fax) 780-495-5142

Kevin Sorenson (Conservative MP)
4945-50th Street,
Canmore, AB,
T4V 1P9
(Tel) 780-608-4600
(Fax) 780-608-4603

Francine Lalonde (Bloc Quebecois MP)
11975 Victoria St, Suite 101,
Montreal, QC,
H1B 2R2
(Tel) 514-645-0101
(Fax) 514-645-0032

Johanne Deschamps (Bloc Quebecois MP)
45 St. Antoine St,
J8C 2C4
(Tel) 819-326-5098
(Fax) 819-326-8262

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