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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - June 13, 2007

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:

Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 13 June 2007

Principales noticias / Articles de premier plan:

The top stories include / Las noticias incluyen / Les articles

* G8 Summit expresses support for work of UN Special Representative
John Ruggie
- Declaration also refers to Voluntary Principles on Security & Human
Rights, UN Global Compact, other initiatives
- Paul Hohnen comments on G8's increasing attention to corporate

* Global labour agreements between companies & unions: ORSE analyses
the 59 existing agreements & makes recommendations

* China: Children abducted to work in slave-like conditions in Shanxi
brick factories - 400 parents write open letter (includes Resource
Centre summary translations of Chinese reports)

* Families of 173 victims of violence in Colombia bring lawsuit against
Chiquita in USA

* Global Witness: "Hot chocolate: How cocoa fuelled the conflict in
Côte d'Ivoire"

* US judge says suit against Chevron for alleged involvement of
subsidiary in Nigeria killings can proceed

* Yahoo! "dismayed" that citizens in China imprisoned for expressing
political views on internet
- Reporters Without Borders welcomes Yahoo! statement
- Amnesty supports Yahoo! shareholder resolution on internet freedom
(proposal voted down)

* Union report on Group 4 Securicor in Malawi, Mozambique, So. Africa
alleges poverty pay, poor working conditions & racism
- Statements by Group 4 Securicor

* "Dialogue on private military & security companies and human rights"
- summary notes of 8 May meeting hosted by Business & Human Rights
Resource Centre

* China: NGO report alleges labour abuses at 4 factories supplying
Beijing Olympics
- Most companies deny claims, Lekit Stationary admits a subcontractor
used child labour
- Beijing Olympics organisers order investigation, say may cancel
contracts of companies involved in abuses

* NGO seeks to put "US-sponsored torture" on trial in lawsuit against
Boeing unit Jeppesen for involvement in "extraordinary renditions"

* Español: EE.UU.: Familiares de 173 víctimas de paramilitares en
Colombia demandan a Chiquita, acusándola de estar involucrada con esas

* Español: Chile: Celco asume responsabilidad por contaminación en río
Mataquito y ofrece compensar a pescadores

* Español: Panamá: Intoxicación masiva causa la muerte a 104 personas,
luego de cadena de actuaciones "negligentes" por parte de empresas
Chinas, Españolas y Panameñas

* Español: Reporte de CorpWatch sobre los impactos ambientales y de
derechos humanos de Barrick Gold en varios países
- Respuesta de Barrick Gold (solamente en inglés))

* Español: Bolivia: Encuentro forestal entre empresas y comunidades
indígenas espera "eliminar" la pobreza, a través del manejo forestal

* Français : Ouvriers-esclaves dans une briquetrie Chinoise delivrés
par la police locale

* Français : Rapport "PlayFair 2008" sur la violation des droits du
travail chez quatre fournisseurs des Jeux olympiques de Beijing
- Organisateurs des Jeux feront une enquête

* Français : Yahoo ! critique la répression des internautes en Chine -
Reporters sans frontières salue la communiqué

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