Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On the Map with Avi Lewis: Canadian mining companies and corporate social responsibility

The TV show On the Map with Avi Lewis last night discussed the issue of Canadian mining overseas, with a focus on the case of Vancouver-based mining company Skye Resources' displacement of farmworkers in Guatemala. A few of us were at a panel discussion on this case a couple of months ago. This episode of On the Map gives us an update from Radio Canada's Jean-Michel LePrince, and interviews the VP of Skye Resources Andrew Grant.

I would suggest for background checking out the original documentary from Rights Action. Video is by Stephen Schnoor, and photos are by James Rodriguez. Above are two examples of Rodriguez's work from this event. For more from him on the evictions, go here. Rights Action has been monitoring this case.

Lewis also talked about the recommendations arising from the Roundtable on CSR. He talked to Karyn Keenan from the Halifax Initiative. She talked about some of the recommendations, notably an independent ombudsman for investigating complaints

Unfortunately, though I am a regular viewer of On the Map, I didn't know about the topic of this episode in advance, and thus was unable to give notice. Nevertheless, you can view it at the program site.

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