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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - September 19, 2007

Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 19 September 2007
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* "Human Rights Policies of Chinese Companies: Results from a Survey"
conducted for UN Special Representative John Ruggie

* Interview with John Ruggie in Financial Express (India)

* Iraq: Govt. revokes Blackwater's licence to operate after incident in
which at least 8 civilians were killed
- Blackwater response, press articles, commentaries

* UN General Assembly adopts Declaration on Rights of Indigenous
- includes provisions on development, environment, non-discrimination,
cultural rights, control of resources

* Merowe dam, Sudan: UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing
concerned about forced evictions, other abuses (further to our last Update):
- Ali Askouri, Leadership Office of Hamdab Affected People, & others
comment on Lahmeyer statement
- Lahmeyer responds to Ali Askouri
- We have still not received a response from Harbin

* USA: Report by Human Rights Campaign finds growth in company policies
for gay & transgender workers

* "Global Compact Critics" blog launched
- Comments by Global Compact Office about the blog

* US court dismisses lawsuit alleging Caterpillar bulldozers aided
killing & torture in Israeli Occupied Territories - court said that
rendering a judgment would interfere with US foreign policy

* So. Korea: Natl. Human Rights Commission and Federation of Korean
Industries co-host conference on disclosure, labour rights, environment

* IBM & IFC develop toolkit to help small businesses in poor countries,
women & minority entrepreneurs in USA

* Job posting: Private Sector Focal Point at the Global Fund to Fight
AIDS, TB and Malaria (deadline 22 Sep)

* Espa�ol: Per�: 3 comunidades votan abrumadoramente en contra de
proyecto minero R�o Blanco de Majaz

* Espa�ol: Asamblea General de la ONU aprueba la Declaraci�n de
Derechos de los Pueblos Ind�genas
- contiene art�culos sobre desarrollo, medio ambiente,
no-discriminaci�n, derechos culturales, control de recursos naturales

* Espa�ol: Espa�a: Grupo SEAT logra disminuir frecuencia y gravedad de
accidentes laborales en sus f�bricas

* Espa�ol: El Salvador: Caso de contaminaci�n por plomo de la empresa
Bater�as Record ser� presentado ante las Naciones Unidas

* Espa�ol: Espa�a: Juzgado sentencia a El Corte Ingl�s por discriminar
a mujeres en su sistema de promoci�n

* Fran�ais : � Document de Travail sur les Droits de l'Homme � d'IPIECA
est �dit� en fran�ais - groupe �cologique de l'industrie p�troli�re

* Fran�ais : Irak : Blackwater accus�e d'aggression qui a provoqu� la
mort de neuf civils - la firme se d�fend, la justice irakienne pourrait
lancer des poursuites

* Fran�ais : D�claration des droits des peuples autochtones adopt�e par
l'ONU - articles, communiqu�s & commentaires

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