Sunday, September 30, 2007

We're now a member of Progressive Bloggers!

Thanks to my Facebook friend Scott Tribe of Progressive Bloggers for informing me that the moderators have agreed to bring us aboard. Not only will we be on the blogroll, but when we put up a blog post, it will appear on the front page of PB, and thereby be immediately visible to scores of progressive-minded bloggers across Canada. Thanks again, PB.

Business and human rights is a fascinating area of human rights advocacy. We believe that not just governments, but transnational companies as well, ought to be held to a account with respect to human rights violations. This opens up a whole new realm of avenues we can take to ensure that the human rights of all are respected. Please feel free to learn more about our group on the left sidebar and links to other BHR sites farther down the sidebar. You can also learn about the issues that concern us in our blog posts.


Scott Tribe said...

You're welcome.

One piece of advice. Go into your feed setup for your blog and change it from "Summary" to "Full". We only will get your title of any blog-articles that come to us if you don't. Changing it to "full" will also send a summary like what you see at our site from other aggregates.

Helene said...