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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - November 28, 2007

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 28 November

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* India: Supreme Court stalls Vedanta's bauxite project in Orissa due
to environmental, displacement concerns

* Guinea: Rio Tinto Alcan partners with UNDP, govt. and local NGO to
encourage progress towards Millennium Development Goals

* World AIDS Day: 1 Dec 2007 - how the private sector is addressing &
failing to address the crisis
- Special webpage will be updated daily until the event
- Refers to positive steps by Standard Chartered, Virgin, Coca-Cola,
Quality Chemical Industries, Cipla, Electricity Company of Ghana, CEOs of
20 Kenyan companies, others

* Tanzania: Human rights & poverty concerns regarding Barrick Gold mine
raised during Canadian Prime Minister's visit to the country
- Article includes comments by Barrick Gold

* Amnesty USA & investor coalition call on investment firms that own
stock in oil companies in Sudan to press for change in Darfur
- Includes responses of 10 investment firms; 31 others have not

* India: Extensive study finds employment discrimination persists
against Muslims and Dalits

* Hungary: Korean company Hankook Tire fined for labour abuses, govt.
cancels subsidy

* Saudi Arabia: 40 killed in Aramco gas pipeline blast - mostly So.
Asian immigrant workers

* As India emerges as economic power, "firms cannot be silent on human
rights", says Arvind Ganesan of Human Rights Watch

* Google to invest "hundreds of millions" of dollars developing
renewable energy technologies

* So. Korean Natl. Human Rights Commission raises concerns about
electronic monitoring of employees by companies

* Business & climate change:
- Carbon Disclosure Project: Indian & So. African companies' records in
combating climate change
- Confederation of British Industry report urges companies to address
climate change - article includes NGO reaction

* Español: México: Encuesta encuentra que 80% de profesionistas sufren
discriminación laboral - la mayoría por su edad

* Español: México: Cemefi y El Economista lanzan suplemento mensual
sobre Responsabilidad Social

* Français : Guinée : Rio Tinto Alcan dans un partenariat avec le
gouvernement et le PNUD pour appuyer l'atteinte des Objectifs du millénaire
pour le développement

* Français : France : Sanctions financières «importantes» prévues pour
l'égalité salariale des femmes

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