Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Business & human rights: Weekly Update - December 5, 2007

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 5 December

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* Launch of the Sir Geoffrey Chandler speaker series, hosted by
Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
- "Business & human rights: Reflections on progress made and challenges
ahead" - Presentation by Sir Geoffrey Chandler
- "A perspective from China", Roddy Shaw Kwok-wah
- "A perspective from Africa", Abiola Okpechi

* Indian court issues intl. arrest warrants for 8 Dutch labour rights
advocates, in lawsuit brought by Fibres & Fabrics International
- Ruling "flies in the face of India's obligations to uphold freedom of
speech", says India Committee of the Netherlands

* India: Govt. asks exporters from five key sectors to prepare plan for
child labour abolition & conduct annual audits
- Request follows US proposed action against imported goods made using
child labour

* Zambia: Comments by Action for Southern Africa, SCIAF, Christian Aid
on Vedanta's response to "Undermining Development"

* Poster: "A Human Rights Framework" for business - in English, French,
Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian
- By UN Global Compact, Business Leaders Initiative on Human Rights,

* UK: 2 Muslim brokers sue Compagnie Financière Tradition alleging
discrimination in way clients are allocated

* World AIDS Day: 1 Dec 2007 - how the private sector is addressing &
failing to address the crisis

* UN Secretary-General calls for end to job discrimination against
disabled people

* "Electronics multinationals and labour rights in Mexico" - includes
company responses

* "Human Security & Business": New book by Marc Probst & Benjamin
Leisinger, edited by Swiss Federal Dept. of Foreign Affairs

* 150 global business leaders call for legally binding framework on
climate change at Bali conference

* Español: Ecuador: 3 provincias demandan a DynCorp en Washington por
efectos "dañinos" de fumigaciones

* Español: México: Continúan conversaciones entre empresa CFE y
ejidatarios opuestos a represa La Parota, después de sentencia de jueza
contraria a ejidatarios y recurso a la sentencia por parte de éstos y de ONG

* Español: Nuevo cartel dirigido a empresas: "Un marco de derechos
humanos" (hecho por el Pacto Mundial, BLIHR, IBLF, Oficina del Alto
Comisionado de la ONU para los Derechos Humanos)

* Français : "Un cadre relatif aux droits de l'homme", nouvelle affiche
pour les entreprises produite par le Pacte Mondial, Business Leaders
Initiative on Human Rights, OHCHR, IBLF

* Français : Le changement climatique n'est pas une priorité pour les
compagnies indiennes, selon Carbon Disclosure Project

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