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Business & human rights: weekly update - December 24, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 24 Dec 2008

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Business & Human Rights Resource Centre wishes you a happy 2009. The Weekly Update will not be published next Wednesday, 31 December, and will resume Wednesday, 7 January.*

"The Real Price of Gold" - National Geographic report on the human & environmental toll of gold mining*

Report of consultation on improving non-judicial remedies for corporate human rights impacts - held to inform mandate of UN Special Rep. John Ruggie (Nov 2008)*

G4S signs global agreement with Union Network Intl. on labour rights*

Brazil: Human rights & environmental activists face death threats because of fight against loggers, farmers & cattle ranchers, says report*

Google, YouTube to promote human rights in North Korea via internet broadcasting*

USA Today report finds many US schools are near major industrial plants - raises concerns over effects of gas emissions on children's health- refers to ExxonMobil, and includes company response*

Italy: Médecins Sans Frontières highlights "appalling" living & working conditions of migrant fruit pickers*

Nepal: Intl. Alert survey assesses role of business in mitigating future conflict & peacebuilding*

USA: Human rights groups object to Florida official's statement on frequency of slavery cases among migrant agricultural workers- with full comments by Mary Robinson, Larry Cox (Amnesty USA), letter by 65 NGOs, religious groups, scholars & authors*

Women's health initiative by Levi Strauss & Business for Social Responsibility expands to Egypt*

UK: Landmark rulings strengthen gay rights in workplace*

Report of Ecumenical Council for Corp. Responsibility debate on migrant workers in the UK economy: "Rights & responsibilities"*

So. Korea: Natl. Human Rights Commission accuses Korean Air of discrimination against men - firm rejects allegation*

"Human rights Corporate Accountability Guide: from law to norms to values" (John F. Sherman, III, formerly of National Grid; Chip Pitts of Stanford Law School)*

ExxonMobil statement marking 60th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights*

So. Africa: Mine fatalities down but union's concerns remain - new safety law passed*

UK Govt. issues statement confirming pension funds can take social, ethical and environmental considerations into account when investing*

Español: Argentina: Concejo de Quilmes declara emergencia ambiental por contaminación de Repsol*

Español: Paraguay: Ministerio de Salud solicita cierre o traslado de fábrica Chemtec debido a riesgos para la salud de pobladores*

Español: México: ONG dice que minería en Chiapas amenaza la supervivencia de pueblos indígenas*

Español: Argentina: Trabajadores del ajo denuncian trabajo infantil y explotación por parte de cooperativas*

Español: Chile: Ambientalistas denuncian proyecto de Colbún para construir nueva represa en el Bío Bío por su "impacto ambiental, social y cultural"*

Español: México: BID y CEMEX otorgarán 35.000 microcréditos a familias de bajos ingresos para pavimentar calles*

Español: Costa Rica: Profesores universitarios piden al gobierno moratoria a la actividad minera*

Français : Responsabilité du secteur privé dans le combat contre l'exploitation sexuelle des enfants à des fins commerciales - contribution d'ECPAT au Troisième Congrès Mondial Contre l'Exploitation Sexuelle des Enfants et des Adolescents*

Français : Programme de Cisco pour réduire les émissions des gaz à effet de serre des villes

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