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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - Feburary 12, 2009

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 11 February 2009

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* India: Coal India responds to allegations of hazardous mining practices (further to our 28 Jan Update)

* "High Tech Misery in China": Natl. Labor Committee (US) alleges labour abuses at keyboard factory supplying Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft
- Responses by Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft
- We are inviting the factory to respond, and will indicate in a future Weekly Update if it does or not

* "Business & Human Rights in South Africa": Working paper by Natl. Business Initiative

* Ghana: Public Eye Awards name Newmont "2009 Worst Company" over proposed mining project that critics say would displace thousands, pollute soil & rivers
- Newmont response

* Intl. criminal liability for corporations:
- papers by Prof. Andrew Clapham & Prof. Thomas Weigend
- discussion with Ken Roth of Human Rights Watch, James Cockayne of Intl. Peace Institute, others

* Lesotho: Apparel industry initiative including Chinese-owned factories, Gap & other brands brings AIDS drugs to factory workers

* Letter from Sir Mark Moody Stuart to NGOs regarding UN Global Compact, PetroChina, Sudan
- Commentary by the NGOs - welcome the fact the Global Compact board will discuss the matter "fully"

* USA: Lawsuit against Boeing unit Jeppesen over "torture flights" - appeal of dismissal by lower court; Obama administration argues case should be dismissed permanently to protect "state secrets"

* USA: Chevron renews lobbying efforts to end Ecuador's preferential trade status over indigenous lawsuit

* Peru: Congress to investigate security firm Forza over alleged beating & torture of protesters (further to our last Update)

* Russia: Human Rights Watch report says migrant construction workers face serious abuses

* "Stabilization Clauses and Human Rights": Summary of consultation by UN Special Representative John Ruggie, Johannesburg, 21 Oct 2008

* UK: New legislation to curb abuses by UK companies overseas? Debate between Peter Frankental of Amnesty Intl., Peter Davis of Ethical Corporation

* Call for tenders: Ethical investment screening for Norwegian Govt. Pension Fund (deadline 3 Mar)

* Cambodia: Global Witness says opportunity to alleviate poverty squandered by corruption in oil & mining sectors

* New book: "Corporate Accountability in International Environmental Law"

* USA: Clifford Chance and Georgetown Univ. sponsor fellowships for disadvantaged law students who wish to serve intl. community

* OECD Guidelines case against Afrimex re Dem. Rep. of Congo - analysis by Jernej Cernic, Univ. of Aberdeen

* Swedish International Development Cooperation report: "Making Climate Your Business - Private Sector Adaptation in Southeast Asia"

* Indonesia: World Resources Institute & NewPage Corp. join to preserve forests, reducing greenhouse gas emissions & protecting traditional livelihoods

* Job postings: CSR positions at A.P. Moller - Maersk Group (deadline 24 Feb)

* Español: Perú: Congreso investigará a Forza por su supuesto rol en torturas y golpizas de protestantes (en continuación a la Actualización pasada)

* Español: España: Estudio revela serias discrepancias entre los informes financieros y los de sostenibilidad de las empresas del Ibex 35
- incluye informe de conclusiones completo

* Español: Nicaragua: Ex-cañeros acusan a Grupo Pellas de co-responsabilidad en muertes por uso de agrotóxicos - empresa lo niega

* Español: Argentina: Inspecciones y multas a empresas que emplean niños dan resultado en Mendoza

* Español: Guatemala: Reporte de la Confederación Sindical Internacional dice que hay violenta represión contra trabajadores

* Español: Perú: Denuncian supuesto acuerdo por derrame de mercurio de Minera Yanacocha
- respuesta de Yanacocha sobre la situación en Choropampa

* Español: España: Cemex firma convenio para evaluar posibles riesgos a la salud y al ambiente de cambio de combustible

* Español: España: 107 trabajadoras andaluzas fueron despedidas en 2008 debido a su maternidad

* Français : Canada : Parti Québécois demande un moratoire sur l'uranium face aux questions sur les effets sur la santé & l'environnement

* Français : Rapport de Global Witness "Le Cambodge à vendre" dénonce la gestion des ressources minières et pétrolières par une élite corrompue

* Français : Projet « Green Zone » de Hyundai lutte contre la pauvreté en agissant contre la désertification en Chine

* Français : Guatemala : Répression violente contre les travailleurs, selon la Confédération syndicale internationale

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