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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - December 19, 2007

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 19 December

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* Multi-stakeholder initiatives: Summary report on meeting in the Hague
hosted by John Ruggie, UN Special Representative on business & human
rights, 6-7 Nov 2007
- Background paper: "Principles that make for effective governance of
multi-stakeholder initiatives"

* USA: Briefing prepared by Fried Frank law firm for John Ruggie:
"Trends in the Use of Corporate Law and Shareholder Activism to Increase
Corporate Responsibility and Accountability for Human Rights"

* China: Workers in Junxingye factory making crucifixes for religious
gift shops in US work 15-hour days in poor conditions, says Natl. Labor
Committee (USA)
- Response by Full Start (Junxingye factory parent company)
- Article with response by Singer (US company distributing the

* Sri Lanka: 42 companies sign up for new code of conduct against
workplace sexual harassment

* Intl. Migrants' Day, 18 Dec - 4 items:

- Intl. Organization for Migration (IOM) calls for respect of migrant
workers' rights - co-operation between govts., relevant agencies,
private sector

- So. and E. Africa: 2008 project by IOM will research trafficking of
men for exploitative labour

- Human Rights Watch & migrant groups call on 22 Asian & Middle Eastern
govts. involved in "Colombo Process" on migrant workers to implement

- USA: Forced labour & exploitation of migrant workers in Florida's
fruit-picking industry (Independent, UK)

* India: Govt. proposes policy to protect tribal population from
displacement by companies, Special Economic Zones

* Further to last week's Update:
- Abbott Laboratories response to Oxfam's report "Investing for Life"
- Wyeth has not responded

* Sierra Leone: Govt. halts work at Koidu Holdings diamond mine after 2
die & several injured when police disperse protest

* US law firms including Arent Fox in partnership with US & Afghan
Govts. to reform Afghan judiciary

* China: New website names over 4000 high-polluters - including Chinese
& foreign companies

* Mexico, Guatemala & Jamaica: USAID supports business-led initiatives
to combat HIV/AIDS discrimination

* Further to last week's Update, regarding Dream for Darfur call on
Olympic sponsors to raise Sudan concerns with Chinese Govt.
- CSR Asia overview: "Sudan, the Beijing Olympics and its corporate
- Visa response

* Further to last week's Update, regarding War on Want report "Fanning
the Flames":
- BHP Billiton says it has nothing to add to the response by Intl.
Council on Mining & Metals, advises readers to review its Sustainability
- Xstrata has said it will provide a response

* Español: Colombia: Fiscalía investiga por primera vez a directivos de
empresas bananeras por nexos con paramilitares

* Español: México: ONG CEMDA alerta sobre riesgos a la salud de medio
millar de personas por un basurero de empresa Confinam
- Secretaría del Ambiente había autorizado la construcción de un
relleno sanitario, pero no para confinar desechos tóxicos

* Español: España: El Consejo Económico y Social catalán crea
institución para impulsar las buenas prácticas entre las pequeñas empresas

* Français : France : Ministre d'état & de l'écologie propose une
responsabilité élargie des entreprises pour les obligations
environnementales des filiales

* Français : UNICEF, Google, One Laptop per Child lancent un programme
pour promouvoir le dialogue entre enfants à travers le monde

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