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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - January 2, 2007

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:

Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 02 January

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* Liberia: Supreme Court approves union election results at Firestone
rubber plantation
- Labour Minister Woods says ruling signals "dawning of a new day";
calls for ongoing co-operation between the company & union

* China: New labour law enters into force - greater protection for
workers but concerns over enforcement
- Reports of some employers firing workers, and using violence against
advocates of the new law
- China Labour Bulletin: "A challenge and an opportunity for China's
official trade union"

* India: Govt., UNICEF, NGOs & companies including Hindustan Lever,
ICICI, Tata, HDFC, partner to address child under-nutrition (report by

* Burma: Construction workers in new capital Naypyidaw say they have
not been paid by employers for months

* Australian companies importing phosphate from Western Sahara through
Moroccan suppliers, despite UN opposition to Morocco exploiting Western
Sahara's natural resources
- Includes comments by phosphate companies

* United Arab Emirates: Over 120 CEOs from companies in Arab countries
commit to reducing environmental impacts

* India: Rescued child labourers often find themselves "back at another
dismal job"

* "Public Interest Litigation in China - A New Force for Social

* USA: Father to sue CIGNA health insurance company; daughter dies
hours after CIGNA reversed decision to deny liver transplant

* Female ex-worker of KBR sues company & Halliburton in USA for alleged
gang-rape by fellow employees in Iraq
- Commentary: Case is "one extreme example among thousands" of sexual
assault within US companies

* further to our 12 Dec Update:
- Johnson & Johnson response to Oxfam report "Investing for Life"

* further to our 12 Dec Update:
- Johnson & Johnson response to "Dream for Darfur" report

* Español: México y América Central: Parlamento Europeo se refiere a
responsabilidad de las empresas en informe sobre feminicidios

* Español: Argentina: ONG es fundada para combatir trabajo esclavo,
principalmente en el sector textil

* Español: Perú: Petición para "salvar" a indígenas cacataibo de
exploraciones petrolíferas es presentada ante la Comisión Interamericana de
Derechos Humanos

* Español: México: Pemex anuncia remediación ambiental "más importante
de su historia" y convertirá área contaminada en parque

* Español: Panamá: Indígenas se oponen a construcción de hidroeléctrica
de AES - empresa dice que no impacta el medio ambiente

* Español: España: Senado aprueba ley de comercio de armas que
incrementa la transparencia de las empresas - ONGs celebran medida, pero
advierten que quedan problemas

* Español: Brasil: KPMG y Fundación Fesmai trabajan conjuntamente por
las niñas desfavorecidas en Belem

* Français : Chine : La nouvelle loi du travail entre en vigeur

* Français : Electrabel & Volvo créent la première usine de véhicules
sans émissions de CO2

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