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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - January 23, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre: 
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 23 January

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* Fujian, China: Local govt. halts & may relocate Tenglong Aromatic PX
paraxylene plant following protest over health impacts - locals hail
decision as "milestone"

* China: Intl. Trade Union Confederation starts dialogue for first time
with All China Federation of Trade Unions
- Decision provokes mixed reactions

* Chevron commits $30 million to Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB &
Malaria - becomes fund's first "corporate champion"

* Abu Dhabi: Officials from over 20 countries meet to discuss treatment
of Asian migrant workers
- Human Rights Watch says govts. should address widespread abuses

* India: New faith-based Dow Jones Dharma Index includes screening on
environment, labour, human rights

* Colombia: US congressman Delahunt, chair of House Intl. Relations
Committee, concerned by extent of payments by US companies to
paramilitaries - will conduct further investigation

* Intl. Bridges to Justice calls on business leaders at Davos to
support rule of law, to help combat torture, arbitrary detention, denial of
fair trial

* Sierra Leone: Diamond Development Initiative is developing standards
regarding artisanal miners - to help meet poverty & development

* Google announces $25 million for groups addressing climate change,
pandemics, economic development

* Uzbekistan: 140 Uzbek rights advocates denounce forced child labour
in cotton fields
- Some companies cease sourcing, including H&M, Krenholm, Marimekko,
Marks & Spencer, Tesco
- Intl. Cotton Advisory Committee says allegations are "exaggerated" &

* Economist special report on corporate responsibility: "done well,
it's just good business" (refers to John Ruggie, UN Global Compact,
several companies)

* Conference on private military & security contractors and human
rights in the Americas, Univ. of Wisconsin, 31 Jan - 2 Feb

* Español: Colombia: Congresista de EE.UU. Delahunt "preocupado" por
pagos de empresas estadounidenses a paramilitares - promete ahondar en
sus investigaciones

* Español: Uruguay: Autoridades emprenden acciones contra fábrica de
alfombras Rualer por deficientes medidas de seguridad laboral

* Español: Jorge Daniel Taillant, director de CEDHA, dice que un
análisis de "costo-beneficio" al referirse a empresas y derechos humanos es
"absolutamente perverso y peligroso"

* Español: Argentina: Estudios sobre rentabilidad y responsabilidad
social empresarial - incluye ejemplo de buenas prácticas de Grupo SESA

* Français : Chevron - première entreprise à investir dans le Fonds
mondial contre le sida, la tuberculose & le paludisme - y commet $30

* Français : Nigéria : Le torchage du gaz inutile demeure non-maîtrisé
- NNPC annonce une nouvelle date limite de décembre 2008

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