Thursday, January 10, 2008

Business & human rights: Weekly Update - January 9, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 09 January 2008

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* Interview with UN High Commissioner Louise Arbour in Financial Times:
discusses John Ruggie's work, UN Global Compact

* Specifying states' duty to protect against corporate human rights
abuses - concept paper prepared for John Ruggie

* "Powers without strength": Update on John Ruggie's work looking at
state duty to protect

* Indonesia: Building boom drives "exponential" rise in HIV-AIDS -
Asian Development Bank provides loan for construction sector prevention

* Japan: Court ruling on "death by overwork" puts pressure on companies
to pay for "free overtime"

* WorldWatch "State of the World 2008" highlights environmental
initiatives by companies
- Article refers to steps by Alcoa, Citigroup, Dow Chemical, Duke
Energy, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Kenya Airways, McKinsey, Wal-Mart,
Xerox, others

* China develops guidelines for state-owned enterprises addressing
safety, labour & environmental issues

* Klaus Schwab in Foreign Affairs: Key part of corporate governance is
development & implementation of programs to promote human rights &
labour standards - companies must address global challenges such as climate
change, access to water

* India: Govt. steps up action on child labour - will extend list of
hazardous sectors, develop protocol on rehabilitation

* So. Korea: Fire at Korea 2000 warehouse construction site kills 40

* Chapter by Salil Tripathi of Intl. Alert in "Human Security &
Business": "Best intentions cannot go far enough"

* India: Pepsi aims to make net contribution to water supplies by 2009

* Aspen Institute job announcement: Manager, Faculty Networks, Business
and Society Program, New York (deadline 31 Jan 2008)

* Español: El Salvador: Grupo Calvo lleva a cabo programa para
reinsertar laboralmente a jóvenes ex pandilleros

* Español: México: Dejan accidentes en instalaciones de Pemex 157
muertos en últimos tres años

* Français : Corée du Sud : 40 morts dans l'incendie d'un entrepôt de
Korea 2000 en construction

* Français : Procter & Gamble lance un programme qui vise à aider les
jeunes filles africaines à demeurer à l'école

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