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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - February 6, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 06 February

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* "Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights": Report on
consultation for UN Special Representative John Ruggie, Geneva, Dec 2007

* "Export Credit Agencies and the Intl. Law of Human Rights": Halifax
Initiative briefing prepared for John Ruggie

* Statement by John Ruggie to UNCITRAL (UN Commission on Intl. Trade
Law) working group on arbitration & conciliation

* Blackwater, KBR responses to Human Rights First report "Private
Security Contractors at War: Ending the Culture of Impunity" (further to
last week's Update)

* Oxfam comments on pharmaceutical company responses & non-responses to
its report "Investing for Life" (further to our 12 Dec Update)

* "Accountability Mechanisms for Resolving Complaints & Disputes"
involving companies:
- Report of Harvard workshop; mapping of existing mechanisms;
"strengths, weaknesses & gaps"; guidance tool & principles

* Panama: Cultural Survival says AES dams will harm Ngobe people -
"unscrupulous techniques" used to move them
- We invited AES to respond but they have not yet done so

* Lawsuits by Leigh Day against Trafigura, BP & Cape PLC over pollution
& health issues (Financial Times)

* India: Standard & Poor's environmental, social & governance index
launched - includes 50 Indian companies

* Human Rights Watch to launch report on business-related human rights
abuses, New York, 19 Feb

* USA: Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley to require coal power
plants they finance to meet anticipated govt. standards on CO2

* Dem. Rep. of Congo: NGOs fear mining contract review process
"hijacked" after deals with Sinohydro, China Railway Engineering - call for

* Bill Moyers programme on Blackwater hearings in USA: Comments by
Congressman Waxman, killed employees' relatives, Blackwater CEO

* Australia's Human Rights Commissioner congratulates IBM for its
commitment to gay & lesbian rights

* Job announcement: Programme Officer - Asia Region, Fund for Global
Human Rights (deadline 18 Feb)

* Job announcement: Canadian Programme Coordinator, MiningWatch Canada
(deadline 28 Feb)

* Job announcement: UNRISD Research Assistant to work on business &
poverty reduction, Geneva (deadline 9 Mar)

* Anti-Slavery award: Closing date for nominations 31 Mar 2008

* French bank responses to Amnesty Intl. call to strengthen policies on
anti-personnel mines & cluster munitions (further to last week's
- Natixis response (in French)
- Clarification: BNP Paribas stated that it prefers not to respond
hastily to the 24 Jan statement by Amnesty France at this time, as it is
currently in dialogue with Amnesty

* Español: Colombia: Fallo de juez contra 2 paramilitares por asesinato
de sindicalista implica a Nestlé - comunicado de la empresa niega
"cualquier vínculo con grupos ilegales"

* Español: Chile: Trabajadores temporeros del sector exportador de
fruta denuncian graves abusos laborales

* Español: México: Crean directorio de productos y servicios
sustentables, buscando generar consumo responsable

* Français : Rép. Dém. du Congo : ONG s'inquiètent du détournement du
processus d'examen des contrats miniers - appel à la transparence

* Français : Suite à notre actualité du 31 janvier sur la demande
d'Amnesty International aux banques françaises d'adopter des politiques de
non-investissement dans les entreprises liées aux mines antipersonnel &
aux bombes à sous-munitions
- Réponse de Natixis
- Clarification : BNP Paribas a indiqué qu'elle préfère ne pas répondre
de façon précipitée au communiqué d'Amnesty du 24 janvier à ce moment,
car un dialogue est en cours entre BNP Paribas et Amnesty

* Français : Inde : Fibre & Fabrics International retire ses plaintes à
l'encontre d'associations de défense des droits des travailleurs

* Français : Burkina Faso : Dons de médicaments valant près de $450
millions par Pfizer, Merck, Glaxo pour soigner les maladies tropicales

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