Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Business & human rights: Weekly Update - February 20, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre – 20 February

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* "On the margins of profit": Overview of corporate human rights
impacts worldwide, by Human Rights Watch, Center for Human Rights and Global

* China: Fair Labor Association president says new labour law designed
to protect workers is having an impact (Newsweek)

* Burma: Construction of Myitsone dam (China Power Investment, Burmese
Govt.) begins - concerns of extortion & abuse of villagers by army
- We invited China Power Investment to respond but it has not yet done

* Crédit Agricole invests €50 million in new microfinance foundation
with Grameen Bank

* Sexual assault cases against women working for contractors in Iraq:
Barriers to holding companies accountable in USA (NY Times)

* BBC Newsnight video: Pressure on Beijing Olympics corporate sponsors
over human rights in China & Darfur

* Bahrain: Govt. says will improve conditions at labour camps after
strikes by migrant workers in construction sector

* USA: Health & safety abuses at House of Raeford poultry facilities
- House of Raeford response

* Burma: How competing Indian & Chinese business interests impede
engagement on human rights

* Nigeria: RUSAL aluminium company signs memorandum with local govt. &
communities - commits support for education, health, water access

* Signatories to UN Principles for Responsible Investment, representing
$2.13 trillion, urge 103 UN Global Compact companies to report on
their progress

* Declaration of African Private Sector Forum presented to African
Union - recommends that companies adopt UN Global Compact principles

* Pfizer response to Oxfam's "Investing for Life" report (further to
previous Updates)

* Job announcement: Chief Executive, FairPensions, UK (deadline 25 Mar)

* Job announcement: Advisor on sustainable business, Forum for the
Future, UK (deadline 27 Feb)

* Español: El Salvador: Campesinos temen daño a sus fuentes de agua
por proyecto de Pacific Rim Mining – incluye comentarios de la empresa

* Español: Argentina: Tras muerte de 2 empleados, trabajadores de
Acindar piden mejores condiciones de seguridad laboral

* Español: México: Reunión de Fundemex presenta programas para
abatir la pobreza con el apoyo de empresas

* Español: Chile: Conflicto entre salmonera Aguas Claras y
trabajadores por condiciones laborales continúa

* Español: Argentina: Buenos Aires aprueba ley obligando a empresas
grandes a reportar sobre aspectos sociales y ambientales

* Español: Argentina: Datos sobre agencias de seguridad privadas en
Rosario revelan problemas con el uso de armas

* Français : Côte d’Ivoire & Ghana : ONGs disent que peu de choses
ont changé pour les enfants ouvriers

* Français : Crédit Agricole lance une fondation pour le
micro-crédit avec Muhammad Yunus - dotée de 50 millions d'euros

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