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Business & human rights: Weekly Update - February 13, 2008

From the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
Weekly Update: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 13 February

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* Cambodia: CSR-Asia commentary on role of business in forced evictions
for development projects
- Amnesty Intl. report, "Rights Razed: Forced evictions in Cambodia"

* Principles for effective dispute resolution mechanisms between
companies & people impacted by their operations: Summary by Caroline Rees

* Asia: Investment banks such as Lehman Brothers step up efforts to
recruit gay employees

* WHO report says shift of tobacco use to developing world due to
targeting "strategy" by tobacco industry

* Colombia: Case studies of companies employing demobilized combatants
& lessons learned

* (Product)RED & corporate partners have contributed $59 million to
Global Fund to fight AIDS - some criticise advertising costs & lack of

* Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition Nov 2007 discussion paper,
"Corporate Abuse in 2007", proposes changes to UK law
- This paper was recently submitted to UN Special Representative John

* Sir Geoffrey Chandler: "Business and human rights - A personal
account from the front line"

* "Human Rights, Indigenous Rights & the Extractive Industry," Report
on IPIECA workshop, Calgary, Jun 2007

* sanofi-Aventis response to Oxfam's "Investing for Life" report
(further to previous Updates)

* Español: Venezuela: Sindicato dice que deterioro de 10 muelles
petroleros pone en riesgo seguridad de empleados

* Español: Colombia: Casos y lecciones de empresas que emplean a
combatientes desmovilizados

* Español: México: Documental "Maquilapolis" detalla abusos laborales y
daños a la salud de mujeres trabajadoras en Tijuana

* Español: Curso de derechos humanos para la industria del petróleo y
el gas (IPIECA)

* Français : Chine : De plus en plus de travailleurs migrants
protestent contre des conditions de travail déplorables

* Français : Le secteur aérien prend des mesures pour déconnecter sa
croissance de son empreinte climatique

* Français : France : Chantiers de l'Atlantique (ex-filiale d'Alstom)
et Endel (groupe Suez) condamnés pour l'accident du Queen Mary 2 - mais
8 salariés relaxés

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